Memo From 1988: Sexism is Bad For Your Business! Observe.

I own over 50 domain names. The best one is for a Christmas-tree delivery business I haven’t quite gotten around to starting:! (Come on, that’s a great name! Once you’ve heard it, you cannot un-hear it!)

I have them registered at GoDaddy. Sometimes, we need to communicate with GoDaddy by calling them on that old-fashioned device called a telephone.

We weren’t just making a point, although that would be completely justified. Our web developer’s name is Ximena. (OR MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST CHANGE IT TO TODD DEBEIKIS #30ROCKJOKE).

GoDaddy did take a report from Haley and said they would take care of it.

(See Bullish: Career Killers You Might Not Know Are Killing You, which has a story about a job applicant addressing me as “Dear Sir,” which is not just sexist, but demonstrative of bad Internet and social skills.)

Quoth Haley, “it’s as if the Spice Girls never even happened.”

– Jen