About Haley

Hi! I’m Haley, Jen’s virtual assistant. I’ve been working for her since March 2012, but I’ve been a Bullish reader for several years. I found Bullish by chance – I came across Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE and felt like it had been written especially for me. I had just left a dead-end admin job at a law firm for what I thought was my dream job, assisting the buyer and owner of my favorite independent clothing boutique in Toronto. On weekends, I interned at WORN Fashion Journal, my favorite magazine; weekday mornings I worked as the PR Intern for The Hairpin, my favorite website. In my rare free time, I wrote a few articles for a local online newspaper, the Toronto Standard.

Needless to say, Jen was preaching to the choir; her idea of working way more now so that I could achieve a better payoff later resonated with me so strongly. Like many other Bullish readers, I spent hours poring over the archives, amazed at how relevant and useful all of her advice was to my life.

I read “How To Woo A Mentor or Forge Your Way Without One” right after I booked a trip to visit friends in New York and, in a moment of boldness, asked Jen if I could meet with her. She was kind enough to say yes and we had a really nice lunch together! I kept reading her columns, which just got better and better, secure in the knowledge that there was a real human being (with great taste in wrap dresses) behind the articles that I found so necessary.

In early 2012, Jen posted a Facebook status inquiring about a virtual assistant. My circumstances had changed and I could no longer stay as the assistant buyer; while I loved my work there, I knew that fashion buying wasn’t what I wanted to do my whole life. I wanted to work for WORN full time, but since WORN is an operation run entirely by volunteers (no one gets paid, not even the Editor-in-Chief), I needed a way to support myself while keeping my schedule flexible. The opportunity to work for Jen on my own time seemed like a dream come true. I was putting all my eggs in Jen’s virtual assistant basket, as the saying goes.

I spent hours crafting that email to Jen. I went back and re-read every single one of her columns, looking for clues on how to impress her. Maybe some day I’ll post the whole thing – I’m very proud of it, and it clearly worked. Jen even wrote about the experience in Bullish: Three Tips for Pitching Your Dream Gig (And Why You Need To Pitch).

I spend between 12-20 hours a week as Jen’s virtual assistant. As Jen wrote in How Wealthy Are You Really?, I’m wealthy in a really crucial way: I make my own hours and I get to work on projects that I find personally fulfilling and creatively stimulating. I run Get Bullish, but I also help promote Jen’s speaking engagements, work on her websites for other businesses, and do all sorts of administrative tasks. It’s a great job and I love doing it.

If you have any tips, suggestions, or comments about Get Bullish, feel free to email me. Happy reading!