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One-On-One Coaching

1Have you read the 10 Principles of Bullishness? This one-on-one program seeks to empower you to make breakthroughs in your own individual situation, while walking through the 10 Principles together, as a team. Setting up your future self? Check. Multiple income streams? Check. Getting assertive – maybe even aggressive? Check. Pitching your dream opportunities? Check.

This coaching program takes place via videoconference (with email support), and lasts six months. We meet most weeks, with occasional weeks off for holidays and for assignments I’ve given you.

This program will require a commitment from you of approximately 4 hours per week.

This package includes a free ticket to BullCon16.

To take the next step, click the Apply Here button and answer a few questions. I’ll get back to you via email or phone. If we’re a good fit, we’ll send you a payment link and set up your first meeting.

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Custom Bullish Column

2By popular request – do you want a full-length Bullish article written just about your problem?

While I do answer questions on the site free of charge, fewer than 10% of those questions are ever addressed in an article, and those articles often come out months after the fact. Of course you are perfectly welcome to submit your question to me via email or Tumblr, and I very well may answer! But some people have asked for an on-demand service, so here it is.

For publication (your letter will be anonymized) – $200

Not for publication – $400

To take the next step, click the Submit Your Question Here button and tell us what’s on your mind. You’ll be taken to a payment link afterwards. Your custom Bullish column will be sent to you within five business days. (If you’ve elected the “for publication” option, the column may or may not be published anytime after you’ve received it.) If your question is very urgent, let us know!


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Retail Consulting

3Bullish started as a series of articles that I wrote as a freelance writer – and is now an empire that includes The Bullish Shop, a retail store that sells hundreds of products, and sold over $200K in merchandise over 2017.

My retail consulting package will help you:

  • Set up and brand a store that makes sense for your company
  • Source products from sources including importing, working with artists and artisans, and a variety of printing and manufacturing companies, as well as via drop shipping
  • Set pricing
  • Source packaging and shipping supplies
  • Attractively package your products without having to hire a packaging designer
  • Determine a fulfillment solution

This is most appropriate for existing companies that have an audience, but have not yet mastered retail.

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A La Carte Business Consulting

What can I help you with? I have…


  • Spent a decade in the test prep industry, teaching the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and many other tests, as well as writing and co-writing GRE and GMAT books and products for Manhattan Prep, where I also designed a 27-hour GRE curriculum used by Manhattan’s instructors nationwide
  • Developed a series of workshops on Intellectual Performance Enhancement, including specific training in logic, making inferences, improving working memory, and speed math
  • Completed a masters degree in Education with a focus in Brain-Based Teaching and Learning
  • Studied philosophy at an Ivy League university
  • Run a web development company
  • Run a luxury catsitting company that now has a branch in a second city
  • Written two public-health oriented online children’s books for the C. Everett Koop Institute
  • Written a humorous “Guide to Debate” booklet for Vice Magazine and Dewars Scotch
  • Debated in public debates with experts in politics, law, and science
  • Worked as a Director of Marketing of an Ivy League-oriented social networking site
  • Spoken at universities and for companies around the country about topics including first-generation college students, networking without being fake, and designing your own career
  • Consulted for a local PBS affiliate on how to make an algebra show fun for teens
  • Appeared on two television pilots for major networks as a “genius”
  • Run a popular adult spelling bee for a decade
  • Produced a male beauty pageant
  • Run trivia nights, vocabulary competitions, and geography tournaments
  • Consulted with professionals from Asia, the Middle East, and South America on American business culture, American business English, business email writing, and job interview strategies
  • Consulted with men from abroad about how to date American women in a chill, non-creepy, respectful, feminist way (really!)
  • Consulted with a Saudi startup on web copy, company slogan, and cultural issues involved in advertising to an American audience
  • Turned a collection of articles – Bullish – into a real and profitable company
  • Developed an app for GetBullish
  • Developed a profitable webinar program for GetBullish
  • Produced three annual Bullish Conferences, and two internet marketing conferences before that

To take the next step, click the Get Started button and answer a few questions. This will help to determine whether I can help you, and the length of the consulting engagement. Consulting engagements can range from an ongoing relationship via a monthly retainer to a simple one-hour phone call.

Once you submit the form, I’ll get back to you via email or phone. If we’re a good fit, we’ll send you a payment link and set up your first meeting.


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Business School + GMAT/GRE Coaching

5As a 780 GMAT scorer (and perfect GRE scorer) and GMAT/GRE author and teacher, I have helped hundreds of students get into Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Fuqua, Columbia, NYU and many more. This package includes:

  • GRE vs GMAT consulting – which is best for you?
  • 16 hours one-on-one GMAT (or GRE) coaching, online or in NYC
  • Personalized study recommendations
  • Personalized study materials list
  • Study documents I’ve created that don’t exist anywhere else!
  • A one-hour consultation with my “secret weapon” b-school admissions consultant (she’s so good she doesn’t need a website!) – if you want to work with her further, you can set that up with her on your call
  • Bullish-style motivation and girl power



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