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Announcing Our Vlog, Only in The Bullish Society


One more reason for feminist productivity badasses to join The Bullish Society – I’ve been vlogging weekly about topics from side hustles and multiple income streams to not letting your romantic partner fuck up your career (hell no!) How can you single-task? What can you do about inappropriate work questions? How do you find out if your side hustle idea is…

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Bullish Life: When Men Are Too Emotional To Have A Rational Argument


On the night of the 2012 election, I was alone in my apartment, refreshing The electoral tally went above 270. I refreshed again! Finally, the headline! I wanted to share with someone, so I went downstairs and told my doorman. I assumed he would be pro-Obama, and I was not wrong. I think I said, “Yay!” And my doorman…

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Bullish Life: Breaking Free from Terrible Situations

breaking free

A Bullish reader recently emailed me about, among other things, the bad relationship she can’t seem to get out of: I’m in a relationship with someone I’m not happy with. I feel like not leaving him is helping him. He often gets very depressed and while his depression and misery is a major source of what’s driven me away (he’s…

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Bullish: How To Run Your Career Like A Gentlewoman


Whenever anyone tells you to “celebrate your femininity,” you should be very suspicious. Certainly there’s nothing wrong with femininity (or celebrating), but generally anyone who gives you this festive directive is passive-aggressively indicating that your particular brand of femininity is just all wrong, and that instead you should 1) wear a dress, you dirty rugby player, 2) get your clitoris…

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Bullish: When To Make Massive And Ballsy Life Changes For Your Career


I love talking about being “ballsy.” Testicles are very delicate – very important, yes, but also very delicate. Like, say, eyeballs. Important, but quite fragile! Yet no one ever says “Eyeballs out, ladies! Let’s do this!” So, when is it important to be ballsy? More specifically, when is it time to make massive life changes to get ahead? There was…

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Bullish: Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE


It’s December 30th, time for making New Years’ resolutions that will last until approximately January 13th. But seriously, just as every fitness and weight loss expert will tell you: diets don’t work; instead, you need to make lifestyle changes. And you need to not be afraid to change your lifestyle to something drastically different than the lifestyles of those around…

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Bullish: Social Class In The Office

Dubai, UAE - March 2013

Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men was this summer’s gender meme: it’s hard to say that women are, across the board, oppressed in America when they graduate from all levels of education at higher rates than men and when the recession is killing traditionally male jobs left and right. You only have to watch Mad Men to see how far…

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