March 27: Multiple Income Streams Webinar (Recording Available)

Multiple Income Streams: You’re a Business, Woman 8pm EST $20 A live webinar with Jennifer Dziura, one of our monthly series. Make yourself a cocktail and join us online! Note: This webinar was originally scheduled for March 13, and was postponed when Jen went into labor on March 12th. Vivian Violet was born March 14! If you have already purchased…

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From The Tumblrverse: A Question About Multiple Income Streams

An anonymous Tumblr follower asked: I’ve read your columns on multiple income streams, but do you have any advice on generating additional income when you already have a full time (40-60 hour weeks) job? I love my job! It’s meaningful and challenging, but not very lucrative as it is with a non-profit. I make enough to live on but I’m…

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Bullish: How To Think Of Moneymaking Ideas

Do I even have to write an introduction to this post? Who doesn’t need more moneymaking ideas? I am a strong believer that money can indeed buy happiness, especially if your unhappiness is directly caused by a lack of money. I also think the world will get better when women and people of color make more money and thus hold…

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Bullish: Thinking More Productively About Money

feminist, money, thinking about money, productive, feminism, career, ladyboss, bosslady, finances

When I was nine-years-old, I discovered that my allowance was the lowest of all the girls in my class (embarrassing!) and sometime later, started a small business making friendship bracelets and also reselling all the best (i.e., grossest) Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. My classmate Crystal was rifling though my wares, which I kept in a Zip-loc bag in my…

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Bullish: How To Go To There (Your First Steps To Making It Big)

In response to last week’s post, Bullish: Are You Thinking Too Small?, a reader commented: “Reading this is like watching a movie where the character is initially struggling and then they get to success through a swift montage of blurred clips, when all you want the movie to do is slow down to show e x a c t l…

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Bullish: How to Run Your Career Like a Business

Sometimes – in a land of magic and rainbows – having a job can feel like being part of a big, happy family. And sometimes, being a freelancer can feel like being a free spirit who only associates with people of her own choosing. (No Wall Street douchebags here in my Bushwick apartment where I silk-screen t-shirts that say “fuck”…

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