GetBullish founder Jennifer Dziura would be delighted to speak at your university, women’s group, business organization, conference, or company.

She is an experienced public speaker who delivers bold and surprising messages, full of actionable details. Read Jen’s bio here.

Previous speaking engagements include:

  • Harvard (recap here)
  • Yale
  • Dartmouth
  • Barnard College’s Athena Center
  • Palm Beach State
  • St. John’s University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Manhattan Marymount University
  • JP Morgan

…and numerous Chambers of Commerce, at Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival, at the internet marketing conference she founded while running her first company, and, of course, at the annual Bullish Conference.


Jen spoke at the annual Blog Connect Conference on How to Monetize Your Blog in Philadelphia.


Jen was on a panel at the #TECHmunch conference about blog partnerships and monetization, and on a “Feminism in the Workplace” panel for the American Association of University Women, also broadcast on C-SPAN.

Jen Dziura on C-SPAN panel on feminism in the workplace.

She also took part in a panel for Ladies Get Paid in NYC. This panel addressed how creatives can get paid for their work, what is “selling out” and how to sell creative services without getting priced out.

Interactive Trainings?

YES. In addition to running Bullish, Jen has a masters degree in education and has spent over 3,000 hours in the classroom teaching professional adults. Jen can develop an interactive training on a wide variety of topics relating to careers, entrepreneurship, workplace fairness, and women in the workplace.

To contact Jen about speaking on your panel, presenting at your conference, or to teaching interactive session, please get in touch here. 

The Process:

Before your event takes place, Jen will ask you questions about the group, its interests and demographics, and any data, survey results, or feedback from the group about previous programming.
All presentations and trainings are customized.

Topics include:

Designing Your Own Career in a Tough Economy

How to Make Money Without Becoming a Republican

How to Meet People and Get What You Want Without Being Fake

Networking for Introverts

How to Use Your College Skills to Succeed After College

Top Ten Principles of Bullishness

Developing a Personal Mission

How to Get Paid as a Creative

How to Turn Requests for Free Work into Real Gigs

How to Get Started in Online Retail

How to Monetize Your Blog (or Anything)

How to be a Feminist in the Workplace

…and many more.

Get in touch about bringing Jen to your group.


At JP Morgan, speaking to a executive women in New York and simulcast to Asia/Australia about using the personal development planning process to your advantage.


At JP Morgan

2014-05-03_1399078765 copy

At Harvard’s School of Public Health, at a conference welcoming new graduate students.

2014-09-25_1411607113 copy

At Barnard’s Athena Center, speaking to college women about Developing a Personal Mission Statement.


At Yale University with Dr. Paul Hudak, speaking about designing your own career.


2014-05-03_1399078887 copy

At Harvard.



At the Athena Center at Barnard College.



At the Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health, at a conference for diversity in STEM.

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