Bullish Q&A: Freelance Rights, and How to Negotiate a Contract

I just got a new gig as a freelance writer for a tech start-up blog, on top of my full-time job. In the contract for the freelance work, it specifies that all my writing will be their property under the “works made for hire” part of the U.S. copyright law. I did some research, that seems to be the norm.…

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Ivanka Freaking Trump and “Women Who Work… My Nerves”

Annotated version of Ivanka Trump's "Women Who Work... My Nerves"

Our fearless founder Jennifer Dziura read Ivanka Trump’s new book so you don’t have to. She also went ahead and made some useful edits. Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, has been hand annotated in red pen and retitled Women Who Work My Nerves: Rewriting the Rules for Success to Benefit the 1%. The annotated version has now been posted…

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Voices of BullCon – hear from past attendees

Hear from previous Bullish Conference attendees on why you should attend the summit of the year!

As we prepare for this year’s Bullish Conference (5 year anniversary!) we wanted to share some thoughts from previous attendees about their experiences. Our attendees come to BullCon for many different reasons; whether it’s to work on their side hustle, build a business, rock their career, network or just meet new bullish BFFs. Bullish exists at the intersection of careers…

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Side Hustles for Total Beginners – a Webinar with GetBullish Founder Jen Dziura (+ Recommended Readings)

Learn how to build your own business and slay at side hustling with Get Bullish Founder Jennifer Dziura.

Learn how to #slay at side hustling with Get Bullish founder Jennifer Dziura. She hosted a Side Hustles for Total Beginners webinar which answered the question, “How do you make that first dollar?” — especially if you don’t consider yourself a self-promotional type of person. This does not mean working for an app service or driving people around on the weekends. This is about you starting…

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About Those “Friends” Who Keep Trying to Sell You Goddamn Nail Wraps

mlm, multi level marketing, how to respond, how to, get bullish, getbullish, avon, marykay, lularoe, advocare, nail wraps

We’ve had a bunch of bullicorns reach out to ask how to respond to those “friends” who invite you to “parties” that are really just attempts to sell you nail wraps or whatevs. Our founder Jen Dziura shared her remarks on why MLM companies are so not a good idea.   “Hey Jen, First – I’ve been following Bullish for just over…

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Coming up in The Bullish Society – a professional compliment challenge

bullishsociety, compliment, challenge, career, networking, network, work, #31compliments, getbullish

This May, we’ll be introducing a Professional Compliment Challenge in The Bullish Society. #31Compliments is a month-long challenge that aims to build your network, develop relationships and make the workplace better. Each day we’ll share a small (and easy!) assignment to complete. Do what you can to participate with what’s applicable to you. Some things may not fit with your…

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Jen on the Ladies Get Paid Panel: Stop Starving – How Creatives Get Paid

Stop Starving- Jen on a panel about how creatives get paid

Our founder Jen Dziura spoke on a panel discussing “Stop Starving: How Creatives Get Paid” in NYC – coming here from the panel discussion? Welcome! This Ladies Get Paid event aimed to answer the question: Why is it so damn hard for creative people to talk about money? For those of us who do creative work, it can be particularly difficult to…

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Jen at The Blog Connect: “How to Monetize Your Blog”

Jen spoke at The Blog Connect this past weekend in Philadelphia (more pics are on the @jenniferdziura and @getbullish Instagram accounts) – thanks to #PHLBloggers for the invite! Pics by Tim Becker. For those who were in attendance (hi!), here are a few articles that expand on points from the talk: The Best Business Strategy is One that Makes You Money…

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#BullCon17 – Things to Do in DC and Getting Political

There’s no better time than now to be hosting a conference for feminist badasses in Washington DC. Not only is DC filled with amazing places to eat, beautiful sites to see, and eclectic boutiques to shop at, but it’s the perfect opportunity to set up times to meet with your representatives in person and get your voice heard. We’ve curated a list…

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