Bullish Merch Army – Join for steep discounts and free bullish goodies

We’re so excited to announce the official launch of our Bullish Merch Army! This program will give our bullicorns the opportunity to complete “missions” each month and receive huge discounts, free goodies and presents! “Missions” might include making a Pinterest board, leaving an honest product review, or buying a product through a particular sales channel and reporting back to us,…

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BullCon17 Speaker – Kathryne Dunlap on “How to Write the Best Goddamn Interoffice Memos the World has Ever Seen”

We are happy to announce that Kathryne Dunlap will be joining the speaker lineup for this year’s Bullish Conference! Kathryne is a self-taught programmer, enthusiastic knitter, and devoted dog-owner living in Chicago. As she said in her conference pitch: A lot of organizations involve regular reporting on day-to-day performance and progress towards larger goals. You can turn these rote memos…

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Accepting applications for the Expert-in-Residence program

Share your Expertise with Members of The Bullish Society We are officially opening up the application process for our Expert-in-Residence program in The Bullish Society. Each month, we welcome a new expert to help our members build skills, try new things and learn about topics that interest them. This program boosts the careers and lives of Bullish Society members. Experts in the…

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BullCon17 Speaker – Invest Like the Badass You Are with Lillian Karabaic

Invest like the badass you are with Lillian Karabaic at this year's Bullish Conference

  Please welcome BullCon17 speaker Lillian Karabaic! She’ll be leading an investing workshop and we cannot wait! Lillian is passionate about helping people create new financial stories. She helps artists, small business owners, nonprofit worker bees, college students, and millennials smash debt, save up for their goals, and budget like the badasses they are on her weekly radio show Oh…

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BullCon17 Speakers – “Own Your Future” with Stephanie Judd and Kara Davidson of Wolf and Heron

Own Your Future with Kara and Stephanie at the Bullish Conference 2017

We’re thrilled to announce BullCon17 speakers Stephanie Judd and Kara Davidson! Stephanie and Kara founded Wolf & Heron in 2016. The pair co-create and deliver workshops for entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers who are looking for ways to expand their impact. Stephanie and Kara share a background in business strategy and change management consulting. They have worked with organizations of all types,…

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#BullCon17 Speaker – Emily Chapman on “Tools, Systems and Processes”

BullCon17 speaker Emily Chapman on Tools, systems and processes

We are so excited to announce Emily Chapman will be speaking this year at BullCon17! Emily’s workshop is Tools, Systems, and Processes: A quietly profane, rambling ode to keeping as little stuff as possible in your head because you might get hit by a bus or just not want to think about it. Emily specializes in clearly communicating specialist knowledge to non-specialist…

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How to Ride Life’s Waves and Do Amazing Things – Guest post with Katie Dutcher

How to have courage amidst uncertainty with Katie Dutcher

I am pleased to announce some digital products from #BullCon16 speaker Katie Dutcher, who offers meditation and mindfulness without the superstitious BS. You know that’s what we’re all about at Bullish. -Jen Katie Dutcher teaches meditation and is a mindfulness coach. She operates Flourish & Bloom, helping people to know themselves better, leading to personal growth and transformation. She also…

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#BullCon17 Speaker: Stephanie Kaloi on The Hidden Costs of Emotional Labor

Check out Stephanie Kaloi's workshop on The Hidden Costs of Emotional Labor at Bullish Conference 2017

We are so excited to announce another one of our BullCon17 speakers, Stephanie Kaloi! She’s the Content Manager of A Practical Wedding (the world’s largest independent wedding website) and of The Compact (launching in summer 2017: think feminism, with a side of glitter). She lives in Oakland with her family and pack of adopted animals, and loves few things more than…

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Bullish Q&A: Freelance Rights, and How to Negotiate a Contract

I just got a new gig as a freelance writer for a tech start-up blog, on top of my full-time job. In the contract for the freelance work, it specifies that all my writing will be their property under the “works made for hire” part of the U.S. copyright law. I did some research, that seems to be the norm.…

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