Announcing Our Vlog, Only in The Bullish Society

One more reason for feminist productivity badasses to join The Bullish Society – I’ve been vlogging weekly about topics from side hustles and multiple income streams to not letting your romantic partner fuck up your career (hell no!) How can you single-task? What can you do about inappropriate work questions? How do you find out if your side hustle idea is…

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Interview with #BullCon15 speaker and bad@$$ Tonya Rapley

Hi Tonya! First, I’d like to say we’re delighted to welcome you as a speaker at #BullCon15. I first discovered you on Twitter (ladybusiness is 100% happening on Twitter!) when you were giving advice in a web chat. I checked you out and saw that you has been on the cover of Black Enterprise magazine, and were helping a lot of…

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Feminism, whisky, entrepreneurial lessons (notes from my Forbes award app)

Hey there, Jen here! I was invited to apply for a Forbes award, and as I was filling in the application, I figured this might be of interest to the bullicommunity.  Why did you start your business? In 2010, I began writing a business and career column on a website called TheGloss, which mostly publishes beauty and fashion. I quickly gained a following…

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Bullish Q&A: 2 Questions From a B-School Student

Questions from a Business school student with Jen Dziura of Get Bullish

1. Many of the entrepreneurs I know started businesses because they needed money, not because they had extra time or cash to burn. The vast majority of business publications (Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company) espouse the idea that you need a stroke of inspiration or a really great innovation to make a venture work—which is crippling for someone who has lost a…

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Bullish Q&A: I Like My Job — Do I Really Need a Side Gig?

Get Bullish by Jen Dziura- Don't be beholden to your boss

Hi Jen! I have a question about bullishness when you are (happily) working a more traditional full-time job. Having a full-time job makes it difficult to make the time to start a side gig, especially when the side gig is not as financially lucrative as simply working more at a traditional job. Do you have any suggestions to incorporate bullish…

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Bullish Q&A: I’ve Got a Side Hustle, But Am I Thinking Too Small?

I’m a long-time bullish reader, and big believer in your “multiple income streams” philosophy. Since college I’ve done a number of things “on the side” (first in addition to my studies, now in addition to my work) including selling on Etsy, freelance design, programming and tutoring. The thing is, those jobs never made a lot of money, bringing in maybe…

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