#ICYMI Bullish: Three Career F*ckups I Made So You Don’t Have To

These days, I mostly feel like a pretty badass ladyboss. But it wasn’t a straightforward path to get there. In fact, I declared bankruptcy after the failure of the company I started as an undergrad. After that, I moved to New York, lived in a series of sketchy little rooms-for-rent, and dissipated my efforts on dozens of random-seeming projects, gigs, and…

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Genderqueer in the Office? A Few Thoughts on Building a Career

Don't Live someone else's life- Genderqueer in an office setting with Get Bullish

Hi Jen, Your advice (here and here) on dealing with workplace sexism has also been useful for dealing with cissexism and transphobia – I was wondering if you’d consider throwing out some specific advice for people who don’t fit the gender binary? The majority of problems I’ve found: – Not being hired in the first place. If it’s a case…

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Bullish Q&A: What to Do About Your Racist Family

Jen! My family does not approve of my fiancé; he is a Muslim and doesn’t have the same educational pedigree that my Asian family expects. None have even met him. Some have resorted to childish antics (ranging from stealing money from me, in an attempt to bribe me to end things with him), to “banning” me/us from T-giving, Xmas, even…

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Bullish Q&A: Incompetent Boss? Opportunity for You!

The Get Bullish Guide to Winning at Capitalism by Jen Dziura

It has become increasingly obvious that my new boss is not great at his job. He is disorganised, lacks motivation and he gives out inaccurate information to colleagues and customers. How do I deal? I really enjoyed this job until he started and the rest of the team don’t seem happy either.   Sure. You’re going to have to manage…

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Bullish Q&A: “My problem is that I am scared of almost everything”

Dear Jen, First of all, I’d like to thank you for the Bullish articles, they are so insightful, honest, and truly inspirational. My problem is that I am scared of almost everything. Somehow I manage to do the basic things, such as going to classes, but I can’t stop worrying. It’s fucking exhausting. I don’t want my life reduced to…

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