Genderqueer in the Office? A Few Thoughts on Building a Career

Don't Live someone else's life- Genderqueer in an office setting with Get Bullish

Hi Jen, Your advice (here and here) on dealing with workplace sexism has also been useful for dealing with cissexism and transphobia – I was wondering if you’d consider throwing out some specific advice for people who don’t fit the gender binary? The majority of problems I’ve found: – Not being hired in the first place. If it’s a case…

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Bullish Q&A: My Family Wants Me to Get a Boyfriend

My grandparents’ 50th anniversary party is coming up, and they asked us to bring SO’s. When I said I didn’t want to bring a date, they criticized my “emotional retardation” and said to “hurry up before nobody wants you anymore.” I handled that conversation well, if coolly, but now I’m dreading the actual party. So I guess the real question…

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Interview with #BullCon15 speaker Holley Murchison of Oratory Glory

Bullish: Hi, Holley! So, you run Oratory Glory (amazing name!) Tell is about what you do, and how your approach to communications is unique. Holley Murchison: Thank you! I work with a small collective of designers and creative project & product managers offering presentation & delivery coaching, workshops & trainings and communication strategy for special projects. What we do is centered around two beliefs:…

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August 20 Webinar – Unicorns Before Bros: Succeeding Despite Sexism

Join us for a live webinar with Jennifer Dziura, one of our monthly series. This time? UNICORNS BEFORE BROS. We wish it rhymed, but we’re 100% behind the sentiment. Hear strategies – like these ones – for dealing with sexism. Make yourself a cocktail and join us online! Thursday, August 20th, 2015 at 8pm EST. Before the webinar, you’ll have the…

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Bullish Blog Network: “Magic Words” – Perfect Phrases for a Bullish Life

We’ve all woken up in the middle of the night with the perfect, pithy response to the infuriating comment casually tossed our way earlier that day. And we’ve all been called “sweetheart” (or something worse) in school or on the job, where we don’t have total freedom in how to respond. This Bullish Blog Network topic – in which bullicorns-who-blog…

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Bullish on The Muse…6 Ways to Shut Down Sexist Comments at Work

How to shut down sexist comments at work by Jen Dziura of Get Bullish

Have you heard that women are “bad at computers”? Have you heard it at work? What, are you offended? Don’t get hysterical, sweetheart. Yeah, we hate that, too. The best way to deflect, call out, and combat those small little sexist comments in the workplace is to have a plan—and maybe to practice a little in your mirror. Obviously, we…

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