Bullish Q&A: Want To Do ALL THE THINGS? Focus By Defining Your Endgame.

I’ve been reading a lot of your articles on starting small businesses and having multiple income streams. For example, I want to start a feminist jewelry line with a social techie twist over Christmas, while everyone is vegetating (also got that idea from one of your columns!) but..BUT how do I know if my time is better spent studying for…

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How Multipassionate Women Get “Unstuck”: A Chat with Career Coach Lisa Lewis

Please welcome career strategy coach Lisa Lewis as February’s Expert-in-Residence in The Bullish Society. If you haven’t yet invested in a Society membership, here is one more fantastic (and career boosting!) reason! Hi Lisa, welcome to Bullish Society as our February Expert-in-Residence! Tell us a little about yourself. Hi Jen, and hello Bullicorns! I’m a career coach for multipassionate women…

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Bullish Q&A: Should I Step Up My Wardrobe to Succeed at Work?

BullishQ&A- Should I Step Up My Wardrobe at Work?

Hi Jen! My question is about the importance of office attire and appearance at work. I work at a company where the dress code is very casual. Most days I just wear jeans and sometimes dresses, but I don’t wear much makeup and usually put my hair in a bun. Recently, however, I was promoted to a more senior position and…

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Genderqueer in the Office? A Few Thoughts on Building a Career

Don't Live someone else's life- Genderqueer in an office setting with Get Bullish

Hi Jen, Your advice (here and here) on dealing with workplace sexism has also been useful for dealing with cissexism and transphobia – I was wondering if you’d consider throwing out some specific advice for people who don’t fit the gender binary? The majority of problems I’ve found: – Not being hired in the first place. If it’s a case…

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Bullish Q&A: How Do I Stay Motivated When I Feel Behind With Life?

How to stay motivated when you feel like you're behind in life.

I’m following a dream that I started late; I feel so behind with life. I do have hopes of getting there (think: academia or something really traditional like ballet), I’m getting positive feedback. But I am frustrated about my situation because I don’t get any respect and feel terribly unsuccessful. I’m also not stellar at focus and perhaps a reason…

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Bullish Q&A: How to Get Bullish About Moving to a New City

Recently you wrote about bullishly preparing for maternity leave. Do you have advice for bullishly preparing for a cross-country move to a new city? I’m hoping to move in a few months, spurred by the desire to find more ambitious people and shed the feeling of stagnation I have from staying in my home city. Work is squared away, but…

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Bullish Q&A: I Keep Interviewing for Jobs I Don’t Really Want

I was laid off in June. Since, I’ve been working 40+ hours a week in a restaurant while networking (i.e. drinking a lot of coffee and beer with other engineers), applying, and interviewing for jobs. “Doing everything right” is exhausting in it’s own right, but more frustrating is sitting in interviews and realizing mid-way that I have no desire to…

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