BullCon18 Speaker: Takeallah Rivera – From Beginning to End: Creating a Badass Morning and Evening Routine

Takeallah Rivera - BullCon18

We cannot wait till #BullCon18 and we’re so excited to welcome Takeallah Rivera to the speaker lineup.

We caught up with Takeallah for a quick Q&A. Here’s a sneak peak on what to expect this year at BullCon18.

Hi Takeallah! Can you tell us a little bit about your BullCon workshop? 

I was inspired to lead a workshop on this topic after reaching my wit’s end one morning. I was running off four hours of sleep for the fifth night in a row and racing around my home frantically to get my son ready for school and to get ready for work. Suddenly, I stopped in the middle of the floor and completely broke down. In tears, I called my mom and said “I can’t do this every morning and night anymore. I just can’t.” I realized that I had been running on empty for weeks and completely shut down. After regaining my composure, I began to brainstorm ways that I could make the two most stressful times of my day less stressful. It was then that I developed morning and evening routines. I have been following the routines for a few months and it has greatly decreased the stress I feel as a working mother. My workshop will be honest and comical- expect some brutal honesty about the struggles of working women/mothers/parents and some excellent activities and tips to help de-stress your life!

How can creating a morning and evening routine help bullish individuals make the most of their days?

Creating a morning and evening routine can help bullish individuals to stay grounded, especially during the busy times! It also helps to alleviate anxiety and pressure that many working women/mothers/parents face daily.

We can’t wait to see you in Palm Springs! Until then, how can we stay in touch?

Feel free to check out “Make Lemonade Doula and Coaching Service’s” website at www.makelemonadesupport.com, as well as follow “Make Lemonade” on Instagram and Facebook at @makelemonadedoula.  Also, check out my personal website at www.takeallahrivera.com! You can also follow me on Twitter (@TakeallahRivera) and Facebook (@TakeallahRivera)!

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