#BullCon17 Speaker: Stephanie Kaloi on The Hidden Costs of Emotional Labor

Check out Stephanie Kaloi's workshop on The Hidden Costs of Emotional Labor at Bullish Conference 2017

We are so excited to announce another one of our BullCon17 speakers, Stephanie Kaloi! She’s a freelance writer, editor, and photographer who has a heavy emphasis on feminism, relationships, and parenting. She lives in Oakland with her family and pack of adopted animals, and loves few things more than reading, road tripping, empowering women in their professional and personal lives, and decimating the patriarchy.

We caught up with Stephanie to find out a little bit more about what she’ll be covering this November at BullCon. Here’s a quick Q&A with her.

Hi Stephanie, we’re so excited to have you as one of our speakers! Can you give us a little sneak peak on what you’ll be covering?

I am wildly interested and invested in the topic of emotional labor. I think that’s it is really easy for people—and especially women—to overlook the performance of emotional labor, and the myriad of ways that it can leave you feeling depleted. It’s really easy to lose track of yourself and your goals when you’re busy doing this work for everyone else, but it’s also a huge challenge to figure out how to begin to separate what you have to do from what you could do, and how to ask others in your life (your partner, your boss, your co-workers, even your kids) to pick up their share. I am equally invested in reaching out to and building up other women, and at BullCon17 I really hope to foster a space that is safe, supportive, but also tightly focused on helping other women realize how much emotional labor they’re doing, how that may or may not be holding them back from their own goals, and how to let go and ask/demand help.

This will be your first ever Bullish Conference, what first drew you to Get Bullish? 

I first heard about Get Bullish through APW (A Practical Wedding)—I believe APW was a media partner for Bullish Conference one year, and a few of my co-workers are fans of Get Bullish. Jen has also published pieces on APW and we’ve had a really fun working relationship the last year or two.

We can’t wait to meet you at the conference and learn more from you, but in the meantime, how can we stay in touch? 

Reach me on Twitter: @stephaniekaloi or Instagram: @stephaniekaloi

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Join Stephanie and the rest of the kickass speakers this November 2-5 in Washington DC at BullCon17! 

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