Does Your Boss Need Some Convincing for The Bullish Conference?


As I’m sure you know, the Bullish Conference for 2015 is on the horizon—and it’s moved to Jen’s home turf: New York!

We’ve been thrilled to welcome 29 women who have already bought their tickets; and some of them have been lucky and savvy enough to get their companies to pay for it. As you know, we love it when bullicorns come up with great ideas, so here’s some bits and bobs that may help other enterprising would-be attendees to negotiate with their bosses.

Get the Fact Sheet

One-page fact sheet (PDF). This is all you need to know about #BullCon15, tailored specifically for boss-types—we don’t mention business tiaras (bwahaha!), and we use our most professional office-speak.

Get the Sample Email

And here is a sample email graciously provided by one of our 2014 attendees (Word document). This email successfully convinced her company to fund her BullCon experience. Tailor it to your specific situation, and pitch it.

See you in New York, Bullicorns!

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