Secret Bullicorn 2: The Visually Quantified Results

The following infographics are by Bullicorns, for Bullicorns, and about Bullicorns, and they are all predictably incredible. I particularly enjoyed the visual representations of different hair colours, a breakdown of books read by the gender of the author, and a Venn diagram of the overlap between being a geek and being a journalist, but every single infographic is amazing and informative. See them all for yourself below!

Amber Baldet by Lauren Orsini

Abigail Stewart by Caitlin Ahern

Bettina Shzu-Juraschek by Natalie A. Brown

Caitlin Ahern by TK

Emily Powers by Harriet Cavanagh

Harriet Cavanagh by Mari Provencher

Lauren Orsini by Emily Powers

Meg Ahern by Divya Pahwa

Zavi Smith by Amber Baldet

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