Secret Bullicorns, Unite! Kate Lilly & Emily Chapman

Emily is a young bullicorn who is practicing work-life balance by working an enjoyable full time tech support job, finishing up her last semester of her undergraduate degree in Anthropology, writing an honors thesis, and planning a conference about sexual assault prevention. This may sound familiar, and that is because Emily is the reader from Bullish Q&A: What’s More Important When You’re in College, an Honors Thesis or a Job?

She’s interested in acquiring more tech skills, like Python, to apply to development of an interactive online training module for prevention of and response to sexual assault. If there is anyone interested in attending the conference in April that Emily has helped organize at Emory in Atlanta, Georgia you can find out more here: RespectCon.

Emily’s blog is “Dances with Nerds,” and she also writes “Emily’s Public Health Blog.” Her Twitter is

– Kate Lilly

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