Get To Know A Bullish Reader: Meet Divya!

Jen Dziura’s Bullish columns on TheGloss and TheGrindstone have been tremendously helpful in my life in 5 ways:

1. Career First: I give Jen 100% credit for helping me realize that I don’t need to feel bad if I prioritize my school/professional development/skill development over boys/friends/socializing.

2. Hard Skills: Her no b.s. writing about hard skills encouraged me to enroll in to an intro coding class this summer. I now know basic website design; furthermore I’ve been supplementing my “soft” degree with statistical analysis.

3. Pitch things: This is my motto! I pitched a blog series at my university, I pitched multiple projects at my summer internship (I published an intern handbook) and asked for experiences (subsequently got to work on a national marketing initiative). Asking/pitching things has made a world of difference – if you’re pitching the project you’re responsible for its quality. And if you blow your superiors away they are more inclined to hand over greater responsibility to you.

4. Mission statement: Jen wrote about giving your life a mission statement – a value driver behind your rational actions. I turn to mine anytime I am second guessing a decision – basically everyday!

5. Mental Discipline: She also writes about mental discipline, and how sometimes you just need to plow through a whole bunch of work despite how you’re feeling. This philosophy has and continues to help me get through a pile of work when I would rather be elsewhere.

Jen’s wisdom has impacted my life in ways she has no idea. I am so thankful that I happened across TheGloss by accident one day and read Bullish Life. Thank you Jen! Don’t stop!

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